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Who we are

Vitala Global Foundation is a Canadian not-for-profit started by two Obstetrician Gynecologists who are passionate about empowering women and adolescent girls* to achieve their sexual and reproductive health rights and goals at home and abroad. We at Vitala Global believe that all women and adolescent girls* should have access to safe, up-to-date, timely, reliable sexual and reproductive health (SRH) tools and services regardless of their socioeconomic situation, religion, culture, beliefs, political context, and geographic location.  We seek to understand the challenges they identify when accessing SRH tools and services and then empower them to make healthy informed SRH choices and to engage in appropriate self-care with digital solutions at their fingertips.  We particularly have a heart for serving those living in settings where they face disproportionate barriers to accessing SRH tools and services.

At Vitala Global we are a diverse global team of women’s health experts, medical professionals, SRH activists,  public health and technology specialists, dedicated to integrating the voice of women and adolescent girls* to co-create innovative digital solutions to address inequitable sexual and reproductive health gaps in Canada and in humanitarian settings globally.



While working with women* in Canada, they shared with us their concern about the lack of medical support after having an abortion in the face of dealing with stigma, isolation, and experiencing physical and psychological changes to their bodies.  We decided to address this gap and started by asking women* going through an abortion experience what they would want and need to feel supported through a use of a digital platform.  Participatory research from surveys, focus groups, and interviews with women and key community stakeholders, led to the co-creation of™.™ combines both multidisciplinary support through holistic content addressing topics such as medical side effects and symptoms, emotional well-being, psychological well-being, and family planning options, as well as personalized support through email notifications addressing the natural stages and changes in the post-abortion care journey.  The goal of™ is to provide women following their abortion with an evidence-based resource and personalized support to empower them to navigate their experience and meet the demands of their lives.™ is Vitala Globals first product developed using Canadian women’s voices and engaging key community and academic stakeholders.  We are the first organization in Canada to use a mobile health (mHealth) and user-centered design approach as a novel means to support follow-up care for people who undergo an abortion. 


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*We are committed to gender inclusivity.



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