Diaphragms are small, shallow, flexible saucers  that can be inserted into the vagina up to 24 hours before sex to cover the cervix and prevent sperm from entering. To be most effective, diaphragms are usually used in combination with spermicide.

  • Effectiveness

    88% effective

    Effectiveness increases when combined with spermicide.

    Needs to stay in for at least six hours after you have sex.

    If you are going to have sex again, you can leave diaphragm in place, but insert more spermicide in your vagina.


  • Potential Side Effects

    Urinary tract infections or vaginal irritation in rare cases.

    Some women have a hard time inserting it.

    Should not be used during periods.

  • STI Prevention

    No protection against STIs. Remember to use a barrier method too, like a condom to protect yourself.

  • Hormone Free

    Does not contain hormones

  • Accessibility

    Access is limited in Canada. If you are wondering who is still carrying the Diaphragm, call the SexSense line from Options for Sexual Health at 1-800-SEX-SENSE.

    Traditionally, the diaphragm requires a fitting. However, there is a one-size-fits all version called Caya that is available online. Check it out here: www.caya.us.com.

  • Cost


  • Health Benefits

    May reduce risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and tubal infertility.

    It is female controlled and does not require partner assistance.

    If allergic to latex, silicone diaphragm is available, but may be more costly.