“The Patch” looks like small, square bandage, and is applied to the skin to release hormones into the bloodstream, stopping ovulation and preventing sperm from fertilizing the egg.

  • Effectiveness

    91% effective

  • Potential Side Effects

    Temporary nausea, irregular bleeding, sore breasts

  • STI Prevention

    No protection against STI’s. Remember to use a barrier method too, like a condom to protect yourself.

  • Hormone Free

    Contains progestin and estrogen.

  • Accessibility

    Requires a visit with a health care professional to have your blood pressure done. A prescription is given to you by your provider which you can take to a pharmacy. Make sure you receive a prescription for 12 months!

  • Cost

    $10 – $30

    If you have a drug plan, this may be covered.

  • Health Benefits

    Reduces risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer, anemia, ovarian cysts, and PID.

    May make periods more regular, lighter and shorter, or prevent them entirely.