Positive support, and the absence of negative judgement from family and friends can be a key factor in how you feel about an abortion.

We have a human need to tell our story when difficult or stressful things happen in our lives, and have the story heard in a caring and understanding way.

It can be hard to confide in others about having an abortion. We may feel it is too private to share, or worry about their reactions. But feeling like your experience is a “secret” can add to a sense of isolation and shame.

Talking about an abortion takes courage, and can make you feel vulnerable. You may want to reach out to many people until you find one who can provide the acceptance and support you need. Only some people will be truly supportive. Deciding who to tell – and who not to tell – is important.

Getting support from the people closest to you can be very affirming and comforting. They may already know what you’re going through, and the person you got pregnant with may have even been involved in the decision. However, some may be unsupportive of the decision, or unable to provide what you need, due to their feelings around pregnancy and abortion.

Even if you don’t feel comfortable talking, it’s good to think of someone you could talk to if needed.

People may surprise you with how supportive they are. Some may even share their own abortion story with you.

If people do react poorly to your story, remember their judgement has more to do with them, and their world, than it does with you.

Reference: https://everywomanshealthcentre.ca